Sporting Gijon v Sevilla

Can Sevilla keep up the pretence that they can compete for the title? For the last decade or so, we say this about the Andalusians. It’s yet to be proven as something that ever sticks, though, as the club can never stay consistent enough over 38 games. The last few seasons, the club has managed to get into the UEFA Champions League through virtue of winning the UEFA Cup. So, with that in mind, consistency has been their main problem – getting into the top four is hard enough!

This weekend, though, they have a good game to get themselves together for. Sporting Gijon currently sit on a rather spectacular run of five losses and a draw. The away team, though, have lost just once in that time. With Sevilla sitting second in the league and with a brilliant 20 points from 9 games, they feel as close to the top of the table as anyone.

Gijon, meanwhile, are just above the drop zone. This season, only Alvarez in midfield has done himself any justice for the home team, with most other players struggling at this level. Signings like Amorbieta have yet to work out, and this season has not felt very positive for the Spanish club. With a rampant Sevilla who love to score goals in town, they might just struggle a little bit more.

Sevilla are, on their day, one of the finest sides to watch this side of the galaxy. They play enterprising and engaging football and Jorge Sampaoli has done more than most to help make that happen. Everyone thought that Sevilla were done post-Emery, but the ambitious appointment has so far shown no signs of falling flat.

The Andalusian giants feel like they are onto something at present; something that the likes of Sporting cannot stop. We’d be expecting this to be a bit of a bloodbath, in all honesty. The only thing that you could say Sporting perhaps outdo Sevilla at when it comes to the game itself is their strength – they are a physical team. However, Sevilla are no cowards and will be happy to engage in a bit of rough and tumble themselves. Would you fancy a fight with Vicente Iborra and co?

This is a club on the up, coming to visit an opponent who is very much on the downward spiral. Whilst football always opens the chance for the narrative to change, this one feels pretty good to bet on.

We’ll be going for a heavy Sevilla win – they are just so much fun to watch. The movement mixed with the power in their lineup means they should be able to outthink their opponents whilst moving around them.

If Sevilla don’t score three, we’ll be shocked. Sporting love to concede a goal and just seem to be very much mediocre at present. The combination points to only one result being likely – a strong Sevilla win. La Liga, though, loves to take narratives and promptly launch them into the bin, so we’ll see!

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